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This map from TopoZone is likely not accurate. That means the coordinates above are inaccurate. The stone with this location would be in an open field. I saw no sign of such when I was there from the road. I did not visit this cemetery due to the difficulty of finding it in Nov 08. I will return when the trees shed their leaves.

The red plus is close to where I think this cemetery can be found. The placement according to Topozone and the Lat. & Long. are not accurate. A boxtomb could be seen as a light spot on the map above. Stay tuned as I fix this after an actual finding of this cemetery. This is just the first place I will look. Hopefully the stone is still standing and not below the ground. [WA 30 Nov 2008]
Maps from Topozone & MapQuest modified for use here 28 Nov 2008.