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This map shows the GPS Coordinates for the Hays cemetery which is important for finding it. It appears to be lost in the hills south of Hwy 412/99 southeast about 600 or 700 yards of the Hunter Cemetery. That is at elevation 800 feet and east above that branch shown above.

This road map shows the Hays Cemetery south of Bear Creek Pike (Hwy 412) Turn into the road as if you are going to the Hunter Cemetery but turn off that lane into a farm road that goes down a hill and follow that to the cemetery. 

I have used yellow pointers to show a couple of places where this cemetery may lie. The main one looks like a mower has mowed a circle around the tree thicket which contains the cemetery. However, the GPS coordinates calculate to just across and to the northeast about 60 feet from that clump of trees.
Directions from Mr, Fred Hawkins in Maury Co. Tn Cems: See directions for Hunter Cemetery. Enter same road from Highway 412/99 then turn left off this lane onto a small farm road that goes down the hill to the southeast. Follow this to its end, then follow the trail across field to the left. The cemetery is located in edge of woods on left of field. 
Information by Wayne Austin 17 May 2010. Maps from Topozone, MS Streets & Trips 2004 version and Google modified for this site.