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 From the above map from Topozone we see the GPS of the cemetery. I have not been here and cannot verify the accuracy of this plotting, but it seems consistent with Mr. Fred Hawkins description of the location in 1987.

At Sparkman's store on Carter's Creek Pike, turn west on Gravel Hill Road. Continue on Gravel Hill Road until it bends back northward (right) and then goes around a steep bend to the right which avoids climbing up the hill. After that take the residential road (right) servicing several houses and then turn into the first right residential lane and go half way to the house and the cemetery is on your right either very close to the lane or out west of the lane. I can't tell due to the inaccuracies of GPS mapping, between map sources.

The estimated cemetery location is plotted with a red check on this map.

The estimated location of this cemetery is plotted with a red check on this map. The plotting is inconsistent with the above map also plotted because I see different clues with the two maps. With permission check out both places to have a better chance of finding this cemetery using mapping.
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