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This old Topographical map dated in the 1950s shows the area of the cemetery several yards from the road and occupying an area of square footage of ground. It is just on the edge of another drop in elevation from the 780 foot line. Perhaps the consequence of the new housing development has redrawn the level of the land there and one can no longer determine that the elevation is 780'. The Foster-Lee Cemetery is east of the Jones-Lovett Cemetery and inside the new development.

We have marked in red the spot about where the one stone is still standing for the Jones-Lovett cemetery. I am not plotting on this map the place for the Foster-Lee Cemetery since it is very close to the new houses and in their yards. In other words I have yet to find these two remaining stones.

Information by Wayne Austin 30 Dec 2008. Maps from Topozone & Mapquest mapping service modified for this site.