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Called Foster Cemetery on USGS maps.

Go out Bear Creek Pike and turn north on Blackburn Rd and then turn left on Clara Mathis Rd and then go about 2 miles and turn right on Lee Rd. Go about 500 yards and the cemetery was supposed to be on the right about 50 yards from the lone standing stone of the Jones-Lovett Cemetery. I saw no evidence of a cemetery but in no way am certain of this correctness.

Locator Map of the cemetery     
Area photo of the cemetery 

FOSTER, Lutie E., 26 Jul 1868 - 2 Dec 1880.
LEE, James, 20 Apr 1874 - 6 Aug 1874. "Son of J.G. & M.A. Lee."

Mr Fred 1986: Local residents say that Dr. & Mrs. J. G. Lee were both probably buried here but that later their bodies were removed to Rose Hill Cemetery. There are several other graves marked by fieldstones but the cemetery is completely abandoned and cattle have knocked many of them down.

Given that information I am listing the Lee's here and also in Rose Hill where their memorial is today. From this you will know about where Dr. & Mrs. Lee lived.

Rose Hill Block N, Columbia Tennessee.

LEE, Dr. J. G., 24 May 1830 - 24 Dec 1904. (removed from Foster-Lee Cem), Block "N"
LEE, Josephine W., 8 Mar 1841 - 18 Nov 1916. (removed from Foster-Lee Cem), Block "N"

I did not find the two stones for Lutie Foster and James Lee and given the construction in the area I am concerned if they will ever be found again. Further work needs to be done here on this search. As I was photographing the adjacent Jones-Lovett Cemetery I did see across the fence line from the there in the direction of the Foster-Lee Cemetery bulldozer work whereby fallen stones were present that appeared to be for graves. They appeared to be made of decorative concrete which is not a normal material used for tombstones. They did not appear from a distance to have inscriptions. They were at least one in number, but broken and piled up from the dozer work in the new yard. It is possible that they were from the Foster-Lee Cemetery which was across from the Jones-Lee graves. Because there was no proof they were gravestones and they were piled on private land I did not examine them further.

Published in They Passed This Way, page C-27, about 1963,  and shown listed on 11 Mar 1986 by Fred Lee Hawkins & V. P. Lunn in the book Maury County Tennessee Cemeteries on page 91. Some of that info has been included here, but for further information see page 91 of Volume 1. This cemetery 1st transcribed here from records by Mary Bob McClain 3 Jan 2009. Efforts to photograph & transcribe this cemetery were made by Wayne Austin 30 Dec 2008.  Added here 9 Jan 2009. Listing and info from the book MCTC to gain a perspective of the survival of this place as a cemetery.