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FOSTER (Richard) CEMETERY, Smiser-Hickman Rd, Stiversville, MAURY COUNTY TENNESSEE

This is the map which I believe to be accurate. It was not available to me when I first looked for this cemetery in 2005. 

MS Streets & Trips version of the cemetery location showing the cemetery about 50 yards off of Smiser Hickman Road. That is inaccurate. This error is not inherent in MS Streets, but also is misplaced in Delorme Mapping. The cemetery is just off of the right-of-way. Some of it is across the fence on the road bank and some of it lies 30 feet further north of that under an old cedar beside the fence row next to the house lot line.

This U.S.G.S. map shows where the cemetery is located in relation to Stiversville. It is marked with the words CEM and a tiny rectangular outline of the area of land this cemetery occupies. The basis of this map was developed in the 1940s or early 1950s by USGS and updated by TVA later.

This aerial view shows the place where this cemetery can be found marked with a red cross. I am placing the mapping coordinate approximately in the place where the 1950s map makers say the cemetery was located. 

Maps from MS Streets, MS Terra, & MapQuest modified for this site 26 Jan 2009, by Wayne Austin. Our sole purpose by presenting these records here is to enhance the chances lost and/or destroyed cemeteries can be again found in some form.