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FOSTER (Richard) CEMETERY, Smiser-Hickman Rd, Stiversville, MAURY COUNTY TENNESSEE

This view of the Richard & Elizabeth Foster memorial shows the different tumbled parts. I just imagine the stone was so close to the edge of the road at one time that it tumbled into the ditch beside the road and all the parts were later dragged back upon the bank by some thinking & caring soul. There are some old scattered trash piled here so don't be confused by that. 

Richard Foster memorial. This inscription has not been found by any previous researchers because it was face down for many years and the stone is too heavy to turn over. The inscription for his wife Elizabeth is face down now and unreadable but was transcribed by Mr. Fred Hawkins in 1987.

FOSTER, Richard, 25 Dec 1785 in Charlotte County Virginia, Died 1 Feb 1868 in Stiversville, Maury County Tn. Married: Elizabeth Mann Foster 30 Aug 1804 in Charlotte County, Virginia. 
Mr. Fred Hawkins has this to say: Richard was a veteran of the War of 1812, commissioned an ensign in 1814, and was the son of George and Sara Wilkes Foster. 
Inscription: RICHARD FOSTER | Born Dec 25th 1785. | Died Feb 1st 1868 | Age 83 Years 1 Mo. | 5 Days. 
It is likely the death date reads 1785 but not certain. If one compares the five in 25 to this character it is very close. Dates on above do not calculate to 83 years, 1 month and 5 days.
FOSTER, Elizabeth (Mann), 5 Jun 1789 - 15 Aug 1870. 81-02-10. (Married to Richard Foster 30 Aug 1804 in Charlotte County, Virginia.
The inscription for Elizabeth lies on  the other side of this large mid-section of this multipart memorial that is tumbled and face down on her name. It weighs about 1/4 of a ton and I could rock it a bit, but not turn it over.
Information and photos by Wayne Austin. 27 Jan 2009. Added here 9 Feb 2009.