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Location Map    Fly Cemetery Memorial Monument

FLY, John, ca. 1770. (Listed 1850 census as 80 yrs., b. in N. C., faith healer. It is thought this is the same John Fly interred in the Fly Cemetery in Williamson County. That is just east of Nolensville Tennessee) [John Fly, 1 Jan 1772 -Dec 1, 1855] - Fly Cemetery- Williamson County - Findagrave. This agrees with Fred Hawkins record in Maury County in that Fred did not find the grave here in Fly Cemetery in Maury County.
FLY, Sarah, 1767 - 1808, "Mother of John Fly". (Note: This is possibly the first death in Maury County that is inscribed on a tombstone. [F.L.H. 1987])
FLY, John, 28 Jan 1802 - 24 Jun 1884. (Stone broken & Repaired). Photo
FLY, Sarah, 23 Dec 1801 - 19 Feb 1822, "Wife of John Fly". Photo
FLY, B. G. (Benjamin Grant), 27 Jan 1855 - 30 Mar 1926. Photo
FLY, America S. Polk, 17 Jul 1858 - 27 Sep 1911, wife of B. G. Fly, daughter of J. M. & Sarah Church. Photo
FLY, George W. (Washington), 16 Mar 1843 - 8 Sep 1914, age 71-06-22. (son of John & Serena Webb Fly; h/o Mary Elizabeth Fly; C.S.A., Maury Co. Tn.; Soldier's Pension #S8692, 1st Tn. Cav., Widow's Pension #W5643 filed for by Mary Elizabeth Fly; Ref: Tn. State Library & Archives.) Photo
FLY, Mary E., 1 Apr 1848 - 1 Jan 1923, . "Wife of G.W. Fly" (nee: Page.)  Photo
FLY, Florence, 4 Nov 1879 - 13 Jan 1880, "daughter of B. G. & A. S. Polk Fly". Photo
FLY, Infant son of Mr. & Mrs. B. G. Fly
, 1912. Photo
FLY, Serenor, 10 Nov 1821 - 30 Sep 1891. "There is Rest", "Our Mother", "Wife of John Fly", "Weep not she is not dead but sleepeth". (daughter of Perry Webb.) Photo
FLY, Benjamin G.
,  2 Jan 1917 - 23 Mar 1990. (shares stone with Bessie K. Fly.) Photo
FLY, Mrs. Bessie K.
,  20 May 1920 - 13 Aug 1970. "Precious Lord take my hand". (U. Marker replaced by ts shared with Benjamin G. Fly.) Photo
FLY, Margaret, 1943 - 1943. (Actually 14 May - 10 Jun 1944, daughter of John H. & Lucille Brady Fly.) Photo
FLY, John H., 16 Jan 1921 - 5 Jan 1959. Military stone: "Tennessee S1 USNR, World War II." Photo Photo
FLY, Willie L. (Lucille Brady), 1921 - 30 Oct 2007. (Maury Co. native; d/o late Claude Brady and Viola Potts Brady; w/o and shares same stone with John H. Fly who died 5 Jan 1959; preceded in death by daughters, Mildred Louis Fly and Mary Lee Fly, son, James E. Fly, sister, Betty Lou Estes, brothers, Norman, Mike R., Mitchell, Raymond, Wayne, James Robert Brady, and granddaughter Tracy Dawn Rodriguez.) Photo
FLY, John H., 27 Aug 1945 - 5 Sep 2010. (Maury Co. native; s/o late Johnny H. and Willie Lucille Brady Fly; Veteran, U.S. Navy; h/o Jewell Elaine Barton Fly.)
HAGLER, Robert
, no dates, (d. 12 Feb 1944, age 77 yrs.).
KING, Mary Lee Fly, b. Apr. 12, 1942 d. Jul. 5, 1996  Photo
PERRYMAN, Frances Lee Hagler, b. Mar. 24, 1894 d. Mar. 31, 1955 (Frances "Fannie" was married 3 times. She married 1st Benjamin Gant Fly Mar 12, 1912 in Maury Co., TN. They had 6 children. 2ndly she married James Newton Frederick Turner in 1927. They had Mary Irene Turner. She 3rd married a Perryman. First name unknown to me. [Nancy Wickam, Findagrave]) Photo
POTTS, Manilla (Nillie Mae Fly), (1 Jul) 1881 - (11 Sep) 1919, wife of W. E. Potts; daughter of B. G. Fly.
REESE, Gary Houston, b. unknown d. Nov. 15, 2009 Photo
REESE, Marvin Knox, Sr., 18 Apr 1922 - 23 Mar 1984, (son of Fain & Ida Lentz Reese of Fla.), US Army, WW II). Photo
REESE, Mary Irene Turner, 15 Jul 1929 - 14 Feb 1972.  Photo
RICHARDS, Mildred Louise Fly, 3 Jul 1948 - 30 Sep 1964.
SCOTT, William Louis, 15 Jun 1918 - 31 Mar 2007. (Williamson Co. native; s/o late Rhoda Jane Southern Scott & Reddick Rail Scott; preceded in death by wife of 35 yrs, Martha Fly Scott who died 1969; dau. Ruby Rebecca Scott; 2nd wife Gladys Culberson Fly Scott; brother Calvin Scott, sisters; Jewell Scott Potts, Edna Scott Bradford & Opal Scott McCord; Ref: obit sent in e-mail to Mary Bob from Willam Lewis Scott Photo
SCOTT, Martha Fly, 24 Aug 1915 - 13 Feb 1969. Photo
SCOTT, Ruby Rebecca, 11 Apr 1942 - 21 Apr 1942, (daughter of Lewis & Martha Fly Scott.)
TURNER, James N. F., 26 Mar 1863 - 17 Feb 1939, age 77, son of Mr & Mrs Bob Turner., mar. 1st Willie Barnes, 2nd Mrs. Frances Tanner, 3rd Mrs. Fannie Fly Turner (James Newton Frederick, died of pneumonia; native of Cornersville, Marshall Co. (Daily Herald 18 Feb 1939).)
TURNER, Mollie Leonard, 1867 - 1961, Age 82.)
+TURNER, Fred, 4 Jul 1928 - 4 Sep 1929, (son of J. N. & Fannie Hagley Turner).

+ Thought to be buried here but no tombstone found by Fred L. Hawkins, 1986.

Mr. Fred Hawkins published this information in the book "Maury County Tennessee Cemeteries". That book is available for sale on the Maury County Tennessee Historical Society Web site.

This cemetery is well represented on's Find-a-Grave. It has 21 tombstone photos, so I will not visit & photograph it unless it is real convenient. Our presentations of cemeteries generally far exceeds the presentation of the average Find-a-Grave posting, but the Fly Cemetery is the exception in that it is better than our publication in most ways. I therefore refer you to that site.   FINDAGRAVE - FLY CEMETERY ( However, there is at this time monument listings of burials that actually occurred in Fly Cemetery in Williamson County. Those of Andrew & Thomas Layne. These same listings are also shown on the Williamson County Fly Cemetery.

Typing by Faye Bradford & Mary Bob McClain Richardson. Organization & programming by Wayne Austin. Added here by Wayne Austin 5 Aug 2010. Sources: Maury County Tennessee Cemeteries, Fred Lee Hawkins, Page 213, 2 Sep 1987. Find A Grave Fly Cemetery. Added here w/o on-site survey 10 may 2009, by Wayne Austin. Photos by Jack A. Fly for the black & white ones & Patty Russell for the colored ones. These were added to Findagrave by Nancy Wickam 2008/2009. Permission to use here was granted to Mary Bob McClain Richardson 26 Sep 2010. Thanks Nancy. I am unaware of the date of the photos.