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Mapping the Location

COFFEE, Chesley, Born November 19 1755 & Died September 18, 1818 He came from North Carolina via in what is now Loudon Co., Tn then on to Kentucky before moving to Maury Co., TN. His Father was believed to be Chesley Coffee, Sr.
COFFEE, Margaret [Baldwin] abt 1760 - 1825. (wife of Chesley Coffee) She w
as in the over 45 (b. before 1765) category in the 1810 census of Kentucky living with her husband Chesley. I believe she was younger than Chesley though, so born about 1760 . She was still maintaining the household as Margaret Coffee in Maury County during 1820, but does not show up in the 1830 census so I have averaged her death date to 1825, though it was between 1820 and 1830. This will be used until the perfect truth shows up, if ever.
Also if she were in her husband's household before his death I must assume she was buried beside him, because there were just a few years between their death dates if the census is correct. However, it is possible she is interred in the Reese's Chapel Cemetery near her eldest son Nathan a few miles to the northeast of here. Reese's
was an active cemetery in her time. Of course there are some risk these dates are far off but I think less than 10% chance. For instance if there were two Margaret Coffee's in Maury Co in 1820 over 45 and one was missed this could be false info. That is a remote possibility though.

When Photographed the inscription was not there and it was apparent the top face of the stone had fractured away. I could not locate any parts on the ground that contained the lettering. A large stump on our left from a dead tree once violated the stone but has long since died. It is now rotting away and no longer appears to threaten the stone.

Descendants of Chesley Coffee, Jr (1 generation)

1 Chesley Coffee, Jr Born: 11/19/1755 d: 1818 in Maury Co TN Burial: Chesley Coffee Grave, Maury Co., TN
. +Margaret/(Mary) Baldwin Born: 1760 d: 1825 in Maury Co TN Burial: Chesley Coffee Grave, Maury Co., TN
.. 2 [1] Nathan Coffee Born: 8/1780 d: 6/03/1858 in Maury CO TN Burial: Reeses Chapel Cemetery, Maury Co., TN
.... +Elizabeth Gilbreath Born: 1783 d: 6/18/1846 in Maury Co TN Burial: Reeses Chapel Cemetery, Maury Co., TN
.. *2nd Wife of [1] Nathan Coffee:
.... +Euphence [Gilmer] Coffee, abt 1807 - 11 Feb 1881, w/o 1st James R. Stockard / 2nd Nathan Coffee d/o Joseph & Martha Adeline Forbis Gilmer of Southport Maury Co., Tn,  (died in the home of her son-in-law, Dr. Abernathy;grave listing in Maplewood Cem Pulaski TN Grave location: OM-114-3)
.. 2 John Coffee
.. 2 Joel Coffee
.. 2 Grace M. Coffee Born: 1781 d: 1/13/1860 in Erath Co.,, Tx Burial: Barbee Cemetery. Erath Co., Tx.
.... +Andrew Turnbow, Sr Born: 6/06/1779 d: 10/06/1844 in Hector, Pope Co., Arkansas Burial: Boiling Springs Campground Cemetery, Hector, Pope Co.,, Arkansas (grave unmarked but now has a cenotaph marker)
.. 2 Isaac Coffee Born: Abt. 1786 d: 4/01/1799 in Stockton Valley, Loudon Co Tn Murdered by the Harp Brothers gang, Burial: (Lost) Coffee (Isaac) Grave,Loudon Co., Tennessee
.. 2 Felicia/(Phelecia) Coffee Born: 3/03/1787 d: 5/18/1865 in Enterprise, Maury Co., Tennessee Burial: Turnbow Cemetery, Enterprise, Maury Co., Tn
.... +James Turnbow Born: 3/22/1780 d: 8/10/1826 in Powhatan, Arkansas Burial: Turnbow Cemetery, Enterprise, Maury Co., Tn
.. 2 [2] Landon Coffee Born: 1794 d: Aft. 1850 (believed to be interred in Giles County Tennessee, perhaps Dist 14)
.... +Martha Neece Born: 1822 - death date unknown
.. *2nd Wife of [2] Landon Coffee:
.... +Polly Tate (dates unknown)

The photo above is a 1996 low resolution video capture by C. Wayne Austin. Since the inscription has weathered away we are using the inscription from They Passed This Way translated about 1963 and or Maury County Tennessee Cemeteries by Fred Hawkins agreeing with that. Our reasons for thinking this is the Chesley Coffee Stone is the location mapping verification is close by but I think not exact. Also the age of the stone tells me the style of stone was set prior to 1830.