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MS Streets & Trips version of the cemetery location showing the place very near I-65. This is as close as 100 yards to the right of way.

This Topozone map shows where the cemetery is supposed to be. Mr. Fred Hawkins described it as on "Childress Hill" in 1986. The basis of this map was developed in the 1940s or early 1950s by USGS and TVA later.

This aerial view shows the place where I believe this cemetery was located at the time the mapping location was activated. I am placing the mapping coordinate approximately in the place where early map makers say the cemetery was located and I make no guarantees that is where it was or may be found today. Notice the cars on I-65 on your left. This is not clear enough to see a small tombstone. Large ones show up though.
Maps from MS Streets, MS Terra, & MapQuest modified for this site 26 Jan 2009, by Wayne Austin. Our sole purpose by presenting these records here is to enhance the chances this lost and/or destroyed cemetery can be found in some form. If you have any information on this please let us hear from you at WAYNEAL1@AOL.COM