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This is a topographical map showing the GPS location of the Bunch Grave in a bend of the Rutherford Creek.

This is a Road map that shows the Cemetery location. Go Greens Mill Rd to Jackson Road and turn north and follow the road about 1/2 mile until the road bends back right. With permission go east to the grave site back into the bend of the Rutherford Creek shown above as a blue line. It is on a knoll back in a pasture (1987) but the knoll is still there. Unless you know the visual signs of a grave site you are not likely to find this stone if it is still fallen without aid from the locals.

I think this stone is located in the tree line on this aerial image,  but I am not certain of this. It is shown with the yellow arrow pointer. That is just the first place I will look if I visit here and do not have help from a local person who knows the location of this stone. The GPS locator map above shows the cemetery slightly northeast of this pointer in the open field.
Maps from Topozone, MS Streets 2004 & MS Bing mapping. Added here by Wayne Austin 30 Nov 2009.