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Go north on Knob Creek - Theta Road to Old New Hope School building. The cemetery is about mile from the school, on top of the hill in the woods, Instructions by Fred Hawkins, 1987. 
Mr. Fred's instructions are probably correct and the GNIS map coordinates above are wrong. It shows the cemetery as near the community center when likely the cemetery is near the top of that large wooded hill to the south of there in the middle of the woods. That means the Longitude and Latitude Coordinates are incorrect above. 1/4 mile would put the distance about to the top of the hill. The red cross mark is certainly not at the top of any hill. Wayne Austin, 17 Dec 2007. 

I am thankful TOPOZONE tried to pinpoint thru the use of geographical mapping coordinates the location of all the cemeteries in the country. In fact they have tried to detail all the major geographical and historical assets of our country using these coordinates. Take a look at the below URL if you are interested in this phenomenal work.