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Go north on Knob Creek - Theta Road to Old New Hope School building. The cemetery is about mile from the school, on top of the hill in the woods, 1987.  Map to Location.

BROWN, Hugh, 4 Oct 1784 - 6 May 1861, (Son of John & Jane McDowell Brown of PA.)
BROWN, Myra E., 7 Oct 1805 - 16 Aug 1877, "Wife of Hugh Brown" (nee Gordon)
BROWN, Edwin Gordon, d. 11 Nov 1848, (8-8-0), "Son of M. E. & H. Brown"
HADDOX, Laura Ann, 24 Jan 1830 - 3 Jan 1855, "Wife of Doct. John Haddox" (Daughter of Hugh & Myra E. Brown)

The cemetery was enclosed in a heavy stone wall but this is now mostly collapsed. There are only two large monuments visible. The area is completely over grown in bushes and vines. 1987, FLH.

"Maury County Tennessee Cemeteries", Page 190 surveyed 10 Oct 1987, by Fred Lee Hawkins & "They Passed This Way", Page D-61 surveyed 17 Jan 1963, by Evelyn B. Shackleford & Marise P. Lightfoot. Cemetery transcribed here by Scott O. Fraser with revisions made by Wayne Austin. The Historical & Genealogy Notes not included from either book and are substantial and worthy of further investigation.