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(See below) BROOKS (Nelson) CEMETERY (African-American, Pigg Schoolhouse Road) MAURY COUNTY TENNESSEE (See below)

Mapping the location of the Abner Brooks II Cemetery

Location: This cemetery is south of Snow Creek Rd. on the Woodrow Johnson place. (F.L.H., 1987)

BROOKS, Abner II, 14 Aug 1808 - 7 Sep 1885.
BROOKS, Malinda, 8 Nov 1812 - 11 Sep 1855. (42-10-03.) "Wife of Abner Brooks & dau. of M. & Mary
JOHNSON, Obidah, 2 Dec 1838 - 1 Feb 1919. Father. (Married Frances Artemisa Brooks on 17 Dec 1868; Co.
A, 11th Missouri Cav., C.S.A.; Obe Johnson "C.S.A., 79, d. Sat, b. on Snow Creek, son of late John Johnson; at 16 went to Mo. to live with uncle Lon Johnson & enlisted in Co. A. Burns Regt.; mar. Frances A. Brooks 47 years ago; buried in his C.S.A. uniform." [Maury Democrat, Columbia Tennessee Newspaper, 23 Jan 1919.])
JOHNSON, Frances Artemisa Brooks, (b. 20 May 1850; dau. Abner Brooks, II.)
JOHNSON, Caledonia Jane, 29 Jan 1844 - 31 Dec 1876. "Wife of James Johnson."
JOHNSON, James, birth date unknown - 7 Mar 1868.
JOHNSON, Van Buren, 21 Nov 1904 - 5 Oct 1905. (10 mos, 14 days.)
STONE, Zulicka, 18 Jan 1854 - 27 Jun 1878.
VESTAL, Virginia W., 12 Apr 1833 - 11 May 1952. "Wife of James M. Vestal & dau. of William & Matilda
Pinkard; married 3 Jan 1850."

This small cemetery has been cleared of underbrush in recent years and is fenced. There are several other graves marked with fieldstones. [F.L.H. 4 Feb 1987.]

Mr. Burton Woody who accompanied Fred Hawkins to visit this cemetery in 1987 told him the following story. "At the end of the Civil War, Abner Brooks II called his former slaves together. He told them that they were now free and could go wherever they pleased and carry on their lives as they wished. He then called one of them, Nelson Brooks, aside and told him that should he Nelson want to remain on the place, he would give him 35 acres of land in recognition of his long and loyal service to the Brooks family. Nelson accepted this offer and lived nearby for the remainder of his life."
The below listed
Nelson Brooks cemetery was located by Wayne Austin 8 Apr 2009 and is shown here. It is located correctly by the USGS Geological Services. The USGS has no records of the (white) Abner II Brooks Cemetery nearby. Consequently it was not found by Wayne Austin, but is added here in hopes someone will step forward and send in the information & photos after locating this cemetery. 

Other publications where the Brooks (Abner II) Cemetery information can be found are: Maury County Tennessee Cemeteries by Fred Lee Hawkins Jr. listed 4 Feb 1987 on page 245. Not listed in  the book "They Passed This Way", 1963, by Evelyn Shackleford & Marise Lightfoot. 

BROOKS (Nelson) CEMETERY (African-American, Pigg Schoolhouse Road) MAURY COUNTY TENNESSEE

Mapping the Nelson Brooks Cemetery location

An African - American Cemetery. (not previously published in books) in the same general area as the Abner II Brooks Cemetery.

Cemetery Overviews view:
1. Across the thicket known as a cemetery to the (Guard Rails visible) nearby new Santa Fe Highway (Hwy 7) 1278
2. View down the cleared area. Follow this to find this cemetery back in the woods upon the bank  1292

BROOKS, Nelson, 1837 - 22 Mar 1928. "Erected by Joe & Gladys Davis"  1277

BROOKS, Mr Hollis, 1900 - 1959. (Undertakers Marker Morton, Funeral Home)  1279
Note: I was told by Gail Pigg that people from Texas showed up and added the Nelson Brooks monument several years ago.

Other graves marked only with fieldstones or sunken graves with no marker:1280/1281/1282/1283/1284/1285/

Above is shown the only stones & graves I found. I am uncertain if there are others. This graveyard was so grown up it was impossible to know what was there for sure. [WA 4 Apr 2009]

Nelson Brooks Cemetery added here from a visit by Wayne Austin 4 Apr 2009.