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You have a record on Find a grave for Leah Blackburn Lowder. She was alive in 1860 living with her daughter Mary Fitzgerald in 1860 and is found in Anderson Texas census that year. Can't find a grave for her, but her grave can't possibly be at the Kizner-Blackburn cemetary for that year.

Her husband John Lowder may be there. A photo of the tombstone (if there is one) would help.

True she was the sister to Gideon and Edward Lowder and Leah's child married Edward's child. Edward Lowder married Sarah Elizabeth Blackburn. I was wondering if her husband John's grave really is at Blackbutn-Kinzer cemetery and if her grave is there too. The date is wrong on John Lowder on your records though as we know he died before 1835 & not during 1835. I doubt her daughter brought her body back to Tennessee from Texas there to be buried next to her husband.

Thanks, Catherine Lowder Livezey

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The above is in Maury County Tennessee Cemeteries by Fred Hawkins. pg 247; 1986

I forwarded your e-mail to Wayne Austin a Maury Co. Tn. Historian who has briefly worked with Mr. Fred Hawkins before his death and has searched and photographed over 300 Maury Co. Cemeteries,

Below is his reply to me regarding your e-mail.
Mary Bob McClain

He writes:
I have not visited the Blackburn-Kinzer Cemetery, but we think that the estimated (circa dates) came from the census record as Mr Fred the 1986 researcher in the book Maury County Tennessee Cemeteries copied the records in "They Passed This Way" and their authors found her in the census of 1850 in Maury County. They lost her after that not knowing if she died or that she migrated out of the county to Texas. That would also explain the estimated birth date, all very helpful records at the time

Wayne Austin


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Here is a jpeg of the 1860 census showing Leah Lowder is living with her daughter Mary Ann Lowder who married John Fitzgerald, he died in 1848 and is not in this census:


The name Lowder is misspelled many places but we never changed our name . My dad was a direct descendant of Leah Lowder - through a son who carried on the name.

Catherine Lowder Livezey

Date: 24 Sep 2010
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Mary Bob (Mary Bob McClain Richardson) I think it correct that you & I post Catherine's letters to your Find a Grave listings & I to my site. This will add strength her information that Leah Lowder is not buried here in Blackburn-Kinzer Cemetery in Maury County, but instead died in Texas after the 1860 census. It appears the information in Blackburn-Kinzer Cemetery are from listings without marked graves which were added to Mr Fred Hawkins book. John Lowder is perhaps interred here but if he has a monument Mr. Fred in 1986 did not find it. It is not likely that his wife's body was brought back from Texas just to be put in an unmarked grave.

To help solve this we really need proof that Leah & John's inscriptions are not on a monument here and whether or not graves are present for them. We can examine the book records below:

The "+" means in Mr. Fred's records: "This indicates a marker not actually found. The name might have been listed in They Passed This Way, been given to us by somebody familiar with the cemetery or been discovered in our research of other sources."

An extract from Page 247 two listings on Blackburn-Kinzer Cemetery, Maury County Tennessee Cemeteries, by Fred Hawkins.

This is where the information in Mr. Fred's book likely came from Page B-5 of They Passed This Way about 1963:

"Undoubtedly buried here also are Edward Blackburn's sister Leah - born about 1786, still living in 1850, and her husband John Lowder who died
before 31 Oct, 1835.  They lived on the property adjoining that where this cemetery is located."

Seems logical that John Lowder is here in an unmarked grave and Leah is perhaps just listed as being his wife and transferred to Texas to be with children after John's death.

Wayne Austin

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