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Mapping the location

BLACKBURN, Edward, 29 May 1778 - 18 May 1847. (Brother of Presby. preacher, Rev. Gideon Blackburn; married 29 Sep 1803 to Martha Carney, in Davidson Co., Tenn. born 1783; she died 19 Jun 1871 in Texas.)
DODSON, J. M., 6 Jan 1846 - 28 Feb 1917. Father. (Son of James Ellis & Rebecca Hope Dodson.)
DODSON, M. E., 1 Jul 1847 - (26 Apr 1920). Mother.  (nee Mary "Mollie" Elizabeth, dau. Abe M. &  Elizabeth A. Kinzer )

DODSON, James Maury, 2 Mar 1869 - 10 Feb 1893. "Died a month before wedding.' (Son J.M. & M.E.)
HAMILTON, Margaret A., 16 Jan 1813 - 12 Dec 1837. "Wife of A. C. Hamilton." (Married: 8 Sep 1835.)
HAMILTON, Annetta A. N., 8 Jun 1836 - 8 Jan 1937. "Dau, of A. C. & M. A. Hamilton"
KINZER, A. M., 25 Feb 1822 - 3 Apr 1891. (Son of George & Elizabeth Mayberry Kinzer.)
KINZER, Elizabeth Ann, 9 Sep 1829 - 25 Nov 1909. "Wife of A. M. Kinzer." (Dau. Elias & Polly Lusk Lusk of N.C.)
LOWDER, John, (d. before 31 Oct 1835. likely to be interred here.)
LOWDER, Leah Blackburn, (b. ca 1786 - d. after 1860; Sister of Rev. Gideon & Edward Blackburn. Note: The Lowder's lived on farm adjoining the location of this cemetery, but it is believed she is interred in Texas where she went to live after the death of John Lowder.)
SOUTHERN, Matilda, Jan 1783 - Sep 1846. Wife & Mother. "Wife of Isaiah Southern; Member of Baptist Church."

There are also many graves marked with fieldstones, a part of which are said to be graves of slaves owned by neighborhood white families. The place is now badly neglected, the fence is falling down and many markers have tumbled. The surrounding area has been mined, but the land has been recovered. The old Kinzer house burned several years ago. Mr. Fred Hawkins was taken to this cemetery by Mr. W. M. Dodson who for a period of 17 years had lived on this farm. F.L.H 22 Sep 1986.

ublications where the Blackburn-Kinzer Cemetery information can be found are: Maury County Tennessee Cemeteries by Fred Lee Hawkins Jr. listed 22 Sep 1986 on page 247. Listed in  the book "They Passed This Way", 1963, by Evelyn Shackleford & Marise Lightfoot on page B-5.