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This map from TopoZone shows where the cemetery was located at one time along Mooresville Pike a couple of miles southeast of Columbia before it was moved. The east/west road beside Ephesus Church of Christ is the Murphy Lane west and the Voss Rd going east. This is of importance to anyone who may want to know where this Bills family lived.

I purposely did not plot the spot on this map because the cemetery has been moved and the property accredited as now exclusively private land I did not want to be showing private land when an individual spent all that money to move the cemetery to Rose Hill. However, we are still interested in this fact since the Bills descendents want to know where their ancestors lived, died and were interred before any removal. 
The Delorme GPS I use steered me to a spot just north of the "M" for
Mooresville Pike. That is where the photos on this site were made in that small clump of trees near the road. Some maps seem to be pointing to a place further north to about the beginning of the line (or hedgerow) of the dense forest shown on the above aerial view as dark green. The east/west hedgerow is probably a very old property line between two owners. It extends across Mooresville Pike indicating its age.
Maps from Topozone & MapQuest modified for use here 5 Jan 2009 by Wayne Austin.