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MS Streets version of the location.

A smaller scale of the same map above.

The Adkison Cemetery is supposed to be as a crow flies .28 a mile from the junction of Blue Springs Road and Groveland Ridge Road. Otherwise to go there from this same intersection go .30 or 1584 feet or 528 yards out Groveland Ridge Road. Standing on that distance or spot look left 90 and the cemetery should be 300 feet or 100 yards from the center of the road up the slope. Since there are houses all around the selected location may be in the middle of someone foundation. If so either the mapping is wrong or the cemetery was truly destroyed. The USGS mapping coordinates are about Latitude N35 33' 41.2" & Longitude W86 57' 19.8". That is according to the Delorme Mapping location of the cemetery. Micro-Soft Streets & Trips, Version 2004 says the location is: 35.56253 degrees north and 86.95476 degrees west. That is a slight variation from the Delorme (conversions needed to 60 degrees), but pinpointing the places is inexact using the approach I must take.

This aerial view shows the place I believe this cemetery might be found if it still exist. Mr. Fred of course says it was destroyed when the compilers of the book "They Passed This Way" in 1963 looked for it. From what I have seen in this old world it is always possible that they are wrong and this cemetery can still be found. No one has offered absolute proof of the destruction of this cemetery. Until then I believe we should keep an open mind. Finding these old small family cemeteries is a challenge anyway, especially if one is not familiar with the specific lay of the land.
Maps from MS Streets, MS Terra, & MapQuest modified for this site 22 Jan 2009, by Wayne Austin. Our sole purpose by presenting these records here is to enhance the chances this cemetery can be found if is still exist in any form.