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On T.V.A.(or USGS) maps, this cemetery is shown to be on Dixon Rd. (Groveland Ridge Rd today) about 1/2 mile east of point where Fountain Creek and Silver Creeks join. Today (2009) start at the junction of Blue Springs Road and Groveland Ridge Road and go .3 tenths of a mile and the cemetery is shown as on the north side of Groveland Ridge Road about 100 yards north of the road upon the ridge.

Locator Maps of the cemetery
            Area photos

Mr. Fred says this in 1988:
This cemetery has been completely destroyed and there is no visible evidence of its whereabouts. In fact, it had already been destroyed in 1963. When this compiler looked for it on 1 Mar 1988, a bulldozer was parked nearby after having cleared the area, possibly for building purposes. 

Commentary 2009:

That is pretty strong evidence that this cemetery was destroyed but I do believe there is enough wiggle room to continue to keep an open mind for any future findings. Our sole purpose by presenting these records here is to enhance the chances this cemetery can be found if is still exist in any form.

The compilers of "They Passed This Way" in 1963 mentions this cemetery as one they found on maps but did not find any stones. Two other cemeteries with the same condition are the Harris Cemetery 1 mile west of here about at the mouth of Fountain Creek on the west side of and the Howard Cemetery just south of the Howard Bridge Road whereby they found no stones. However there are fieldstone in that cemetery. Many of these places are such dense thickets they would need cleaning just to see if there were stones fallen and sunken below the soil surface. Having archeology experience in my youthful background makes me a but more aggressive towards finding these memorials than perhaps past researchers. However, I have more hurdles to finding lost cemeteries than they. 
Blue Springs Road has no bridge over the Silver Creek or Fountain Creek anymore. My brief attempt to make my own assessment of the Harris Cemetery condition failed. The bluffs are quite high around there and one cannot scale them without being a mountain climber. 
No one offered a listing as to who was interred here but the surname was probably Adkison. Other spellings of this surname can be Atkinson or Adkisson.

Mentioned in "Maury County Tennessee Cemeteries", 1 Mar 1988, by Fred Lee Hawkins, page 441. Also mentioned in "They Passed This Way", 1963, page D-165, by Evelyn Shackleford & Marise Lightfoot. Information & photos by Wayne Austin 23 Dec 2008, added here 22 Jan 2009.