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This is a sandstone that was carved at one time but has weathered away. No inscriptions found  It is located in the central area of the cemetery.

These are fieldstones that may mark graves. The Cedar Tree above is about 50 years old and sprung up long after the last burial. 

These are cut stones but are not carved to the point of being utilized as headstones even though that is what they might have been utilized for. 

Same view pointed to more to the left showing a stair-stepping of the stones. I don't know what this is, but believe in some case old Stone Crafters practiced at least some parts of their trade right in the cemetery and left many slugs lying around for future jobs in an unused area of the Cemetery. The Pioneer Cemetery north of Lynchburg has large piles of un-carved and in many cases uncut markers. However often these partially cut stones served as the bases of a Box Tomb.