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Here above we see the GPS location explained for the Wells Cemetery. As you can see from this map it is perched high upon a hill above the old Wells home.

Go out Hwy 50 southeast of Columbia to Culleoka Hwy (373). Travel that into Culleoka and past and on eastward to Campbells Station Road and turn right (or south). Go about 1 mile and just before you cross the bridge over the creek there will be a driveway to a private home. After permission go into the gate behind the house and between the two barns and along the left of the fence road and bend left and go up the hill and after winding up the hill bend back again now 180 degrees, and go the rest the way up the hill. The cemetery will be straight ahead in the middle and smallest of the thickets. That is, one thicket on your left and one on the right ahead and the middle one where the cemetery will be found. I went there when Mr. Eldridge Martin was living (the owner) and he loved visitors on his place and related history to me. I went back not too long after his death and it was like pulling teeth to get permission. I have no idea what it would be like today.

This is an aerial view of the cemetery plotted with a red check. Notice the yellow path I have etched for the visitor to follow. I suggest if you are in good health to go past the first green tree line and leave your car and climb up the steep hill instead of all that driving. You cannot park and walk straight from the road because the Creek & bluff will be between you and the cemetery

The Wells Family Cemetery can be seen in the (Black Arrow) clump of trees at the top of the hill high above the South Fork of Fountain Creek. Get there from Culleoka by taking Highway 373 east a half mile to Campbell Station Road. Turn right or south and go about another mile. As you approach the bridge across the South Fork of the Fountain Creek look right at the entrance to the private farm. Get permission (if you can) to travel past the home and follow the farm lane around and up the hill to the spot mapped above using the yellow highlighted pathway. Mr. Eldredge "Red" Martin who in recent years was a friend of the cemetery has passed away and no longer owns this property. Respectfully to the owners the last time I was there I was denied passage for myself and friend Rick Gray. After an explanation including becoming persistence we were granted passage. I hope your experience is a little more pleasant. However, be sure you respect their privacy, keep to the prescribed pathway they give you if different from above and do not disturb the livestock or anything else.
Blue explanatory text was added later. The yellow path on the last map cannot be traveled by truck or car. Too steep.