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This is the box tomb that has no inscription. In front of it is a stone that looks like a base but is very soft and crumbly. It is buried deep into the ground and probably was the stone where the the inscription was placed.

This is marker that is located in front of the un-inscribed box tomb. It is soft and crumbly. I attempted to uncover it and stopped when I discovered it was crumbly. I believe the inscription resided here for the unmarked box tomb. The unmarked boxtomb probably only served as a grave cover.   

This stone was carved but unmarked. It might only be a footstone but is probably an un-inscribed stone. It will be found in the center of the cemetery leaning against the Hackberry Tree on the east side.

Just over to the east of the Dovy C Wells box tomb can be found these two parts of stones leaning against a tree. Notice the fieldstone in the sunlight on your left.