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Renfro Cemetery, Culleoka, Maury County Tennessee
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     This is a layout of what some of the descendents in 1962 found at the Renfro Cemetery. Many of these stones are not visible today but are believed to be there an inch or so under the leaves and topsoil.  The number above is keyed to the following list: 
( 1) & (2) Unknown due to no (or worn off) inscription

( 3) Sarah Jane Toombs. Wife of W. W. Toombs and Daughter of William & Eliza Renfro. (Toumbs and Toombs are same surname used interchangeably. The stones here spell it with the "u" but the most widely recognized spelling is with two "o"s. 
( 4) Sarah Jane, Infant Daughter of W. W. & Jane (Renfro) Toombs. 
( 5) William Renfro, 1734 - 1830, Revolutionary War Veteran. 
( 6) Jane Renfro, died June 2, 1830. Age 79 yrs. Consort of William Renfro. 
( 7) William Renfro son of William and Jane. Spouse of Eliza A. 
( 8) Eliza A. (Crafton) Renfro, wife of William. 
( 9) Narcissa E. Renfro, daughter of William and Eliza, 1835 - 1848. 
(10) Barclay M. Renfro, 1840 - 1862. 
(11) Rebecca Renfro, 1819 - 1875, wife of William 
(12) Not readable during 1962. 
(13) Delia R. Renfro, 1824 - 1872, wife of James Shelburn Renfro. 
(14) Sarah Renfro, Infant daughter of William & Eliza. 
(15) William J. (or S.) Renfro, stone read in 1962. Sunken below in the ground by 1965. 
(16) William Renfro, son of William & Eliza,
stone read in 1962. Sunken below in the ground by 1965.
(17) Lucretia Killingsworth, 1769 - 1846. 
(18) - (22) are burials under the surname Foster and were either not detailed by the descendents or the stones were not readable. There are no visible readable stones today with Foster Surname. They might be there but have sunken below the ground a few inches. 
     There are a number of field stone markers that probably mark the graves of the former slaves of the Renfro family. A few of them are crudely inscribed with markings such as: 1870; 1877; Carlen; 1895; Ida 1882; L.N.S.H.; 1914; 6 Mos. 
     Persons that were the contributors of the listing of the cemetery and subsequent drawing above in 1962 are Josie & Delia Biard, Zola Miller, and Mr. & Mrs. R. L. Calvert. I used the hand written drawing and converted it to the above graphic. This information and drawing are shown with permission from the records of descendents Everett Renfro and Charles Hinson. Confirmed on Nov 1, 2003 during a Maury County Historical Society Cemetery Excursion whereby a tour was given of Renfro Cemetery. The large rectangular areas above are box tombs and the small ones are small box tombs. The slender rectangles are the typical upright stones of the early to mid 1800s. Graphics by Wayne Austin 11-27-2003.