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This side of the (our) right flank retains the names of those immortalized from World War I, World War II, Korean War, Vietnam War & the Persian Gulf War of 1992. 

World War I:
Isaiah Abernathy, Herman G. Agnew, Lester Akin Barnett, John Baxter, Basil Otie Blocker, Dock Brown, Lon Brown, Guless Dean Christopher, Leoline O. Crane, William R. Crumley, James Ewing, Earl Flowers, Meade Frierson, Watts Frierson, Oscar Frost, Clarence H. Fry, Robert Brown Gilbreath, Walter D. Goodwin, Jim Granberry, Herbert Griffin, Henry F. Gulley, Charles W. Hamilton, William J. B. Harlow, Marcus S. Hay, Robert A. Hays, Eli R. Haywood, Horace Hickman, Henry Hill, Wilson D. Holman, William Houston, Eugene W. Huckaby, Clifford E. Hutcherson, Merritt Jones, Ocey Jones, Clarence T. Kilpatrick, William H. Lanier, George McKissick, George W. Moore, William Robert Person, John T. Richardson, Harry Thompson, Jessie J. Thompson, John W. Thompson Jr., Rex B. Vestal, Edward E. Walker, Joe Baker Warren, Tom Watkins, Sim Watson, Melvin E. White, Peter Turney Whitwell, James Council Wooten, Tom Workman

World War II:
Ernest L. Adcock, William T. Anderson, Evans T. Armstrong, Thomas H. Armstrong, Elijah Haynes Ayres, Jr., Raymond W. Baker, Bill Beard, Thomas E. Bradley, Claude N. Brady, Robert H. Bratton, Jr., George A. Brooks, Curtis C. Brown, Edgar T. Burleson, Hartwell P. Byrnes, William W. Carlton, Jr., Shannon R. Caulk, Ernest Cavender, Howard E. Chaffin, Lloyd Chapman, Charles Chasen, Harry Abston Chatman, James L. Choate, Robert H. Clyme, Raymond C. Cooper, William B. Cozart, Alerston D. Eley, Glen C. Eley, Thomas A. Farley, John W. Finney, Fred Gilbreath Fleming, William E. Gilliam, James Buford Gladney, William D. Goosby, Robert Earl Green, Joe T. Greenfield, Thomas W. Harmon, Dillard Harmon, Ernest R. Haywood, Floyd L. Head, Mahlon W. Hendley, John R. Hendrickson, James S. Hill, Wilford Holden, Curtis L. Holloway, Jack Inman, Emery Jones, Orville B. Journey, Ralph Kelley, Charles M. Kennedy, Meredith S. King Jr., Edward L. Lamar, Calvin H. Land, Joseph E. Lee, James S. Lochridge, James E. Logue, J. A. Loftin, Melvin Marsh, David K. Massey, John H. Massey Jr., Wallace McCorkle, Leslie Harlen McGaw, John L. McGowan, Paul McGowan, James S. McKinney, James A. McLean, George P. Moore, Abe L. Morgan, Gaston Fox Morton, Paul R. Murphy, Will Nall, Herbert S. Parker, John G. Parrish, Eugene Patton, Charles A. Pennington, Joe P. Peyton, Allie W. Pierce, Robert E. Pitts, John E. Pyland, Jr., James W. Rinks, Tommy Robinson, Donald A. Seaton, Clyde E. Sims Jr., Andrew J. Skipper, William A. Sowell, Jr., Lish C. Spears, Hyman Stein, Morris Stein, Luther R. Stockard, Robert Thurman Jr., W. C. Travis, Cecil E. Ussery, Columbus M. Walker, R. E. Whiteside, Jr., John Harlan Willis, Hammond C. Wilson, Raymond D. Workman, Tommie J. Worley, Claude A. Young, Jr., Ernest C. Young, William R. Young, Cecil Farris Kennedy.

The book Maury County Remembers World War II, Part One by Virginia W. Alexander & Margaret D. Ashton lists many men from Maury County who died in action in World War II that are not on the wall. Not sure what criteria was originally used to determine who's name went on the wall and who's didn't.

Korean War:
 William A. Adams, John D. Armstrong, Albert D. Dobbins, Alvie L. Fowler, Jr., Lonzo Houston, Robert Harold Jackson, Hershel B. Mayes, Charles E. McCoy, Richard Nolen, Jr., Willie P. Parrish, Earl C. Tinsley, Richard Sampson

Vietnam War:
 Willie James Angus, Willie D. Arms, Mitchell Odell Barnes, Charles C. Beard, William C. Biffle, Ned Rayburn Brown, Ernest R. Brownlow, III, Robert Carlies Cothran, William Eugene Hargrove, Edward Louis Himes, James T. Lockridge, Robert Lee Thomas, Frank Nelson Uzzell, John Robert Wilsford, John W. Wilt, Jr., Larry T. Wood, Jerry G. Bridges

Persian Gulf War:
 Stanley Walter Bartusiak