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AUSTIN, Reverand Homer Harris, Sr.,  was born in Maury County Tennessee on January 31, 1903. His parents, 
Charles Harris Austin and Otie Eva Kerr were natives of Lincoln County and Maury County respectively. 
Homer married Margaret Louise Young during 1931. Margaret was born June 6, 1905 in Tennessee.  
Homer and Margaret met in College. Homer achieved a very high rank in his church of District Superintendent in the 
Middle Tennessee area. It is said of him that he had superb management skills being a realist but compassionate person by nature. 
He and Margaret were diplomatic enough to make progress and at the same time win the hearts of their fellow church members, 
two traits that produces growth in churches. Homer graduated from Vanderbilt University of Nashville Tennessee during the 1920s.  
They are buried in the City Cemetery of Nashville Cemetery which is one of the largest in the Nashville area. Graves are 
located  in the far back side of the cemetery near the tree line to the right (looking east) of one of the stone enclosed raised areas. 
Rev. Homer descended from the following persons who are early pioneers and inhabitants of Maury County. James Kerr, circa 
1812;  James W Austin who came from Lincoln County about 1890;  James D. Ausban to Giles County during the 1820's;  
Robert Crockett who came to Giles County about 1809, James  Warden came  about 1806. 
The ashes of their son Homer Harris Jr. "Pete"  1932 - 2005 was scattered upon their grave at his passing.  

City Road Methodist Church in the heart of Davidson County Tennessee historic area of Madison.
Homer & Margaret ministered to this church for several years and considered it their home church.

Information provided by Wayne Austin administrator of this site. 3/20/2005.