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JACK S. DUGGER, Sr. 1918 - 12 Jan 2010

Mr. Jack Dugger Sr. age 91, born in 1918, one of Middle Tennessee’s most storied citizens passed away on January 12, 2010. He was preceded in death by a brother, Leland (Nan) Dugger.
Jack was the son of Smith Dugger, 1884 - 1942 & Ethel Dixon (Smith) Dugger, 1885 - 1974. 

His father, Smith Dugger was born and reared in Broadview, Maury County, Tennessee & died in Southport, Tennessee, Maury County. He is interred in the historic Rose Hill Cemetery , Columbia, TN.

Mr. Jack's mother, Ethel Dixon Smith was born and reared in Broadview, Maury County, Tennessee. She was interred in Rose Hill Cemetery beside her husband. Her parents were Albert Newton Smith, born 1854 in Waco (Old Lynnville), Giles Co Tennessee & died in 1923 in Maury County, interred in Reese's Chapel Cemetery, Bigyville, TN and Margaret Alice Haley born 1858 in Southport, TN, died 1916, interred in Reese's Chapel Cemetery, Bigbyville, Maury County, Tennessee

His mother Ethel Dixon Smith Dugger rode horseback from Broadview to McCains to go to what would today be high school. One can read of that school in some of the historical material about McCains Cumberland Presbyterian Church. She then attended Tennessee Female Institute in Franklin, Tennessee, where she excelled in English, Mathematics and Piano. She obtained a teaching certificate after attending school there and she then became a teacher. Her first teaching job was in Adams, Tennessee, between Springfield, Tennessee, and Guthrie, KY. She next taught in a one room school on Factory Creek, near Campbellsville, Giles County, Tennessee, where she taught all 12 grades. There she had two boys who studied college algebra because they planned to attend college after graduating from that school. She eventually went back to Broadview to teach where she spent considerable time.

Jack was survived by his loving wife of 70 years, Jean F. Dugger. Also he & Jean have one son, Jack S. (LaDonna) Dugger, Jr.; three grandchildren, Neal Dugger, Jennifer Dugger, Kimberly (Adam) Franklin and six great-grandchildren.

Jack completed his schooling at Columbia Central High School in Columbia Tennessee, David Lipscomb College and Vanderbilt University, both colleges located in Nashville Tennessee.

After schooling he spent the World War II years working in the Oak Ridge Tennessee Project, for the effort developing materials for the Atomic Bomb. Unknown to Mr. Jack another Maury County person Dolly Barlar Davis also served in that effort. At the time he nor few involved in that effort had any idea what they were working on. 

After Oak Ridge, Jack tried merchandizing in various stores. Soon he returned to his engineering roots and spent several years in the aircraft Industry in Nashville Tennessee on Vultee Blvd near the Airport. He became a staff engineer with a company known as Vultee Aircraft who later became known as Avco Aerostructures.

About 20 years after he spent time in the aerospace industry in Nashville this author likewise spent 6 years with the aircraft manufacturer at the same location. By then it was a different company. Jack kept abreast and swapped information with me concerning the survival efforts for that industry, which has 50 acres of underground buildings and about that much above ground. The well situated facility was important to the winning effort of WWII where at the time they made the twin engine P-38 Lightning Aircraft and other Aircraft subassemblies and thereafter continued to supply important wing assembles for major aircraft, both military and commercial for America's dominance in flight.

With his many talents Jack also worked in other vocations, but eventually settled into ownership and operation of Dugger Insurance Agency where he spent the most successful & last years of his productive life until retirement.

He was active with the historical community of Maury County Tennessee where he was a native. Through friends and distant kin and with web sites he shared several community histories and humorous stories of the people and events he knew as a child around the county covering the early 1900s and even earlier.

Jack was constantly looking out for new Dugger connections. He maintained lively exchanges with cousins and others throughout the country for many years keeping alive the histories of early times in Maury County his native county. With his gifts he was careful to see that his newly discovered distant family members felt they were a part of the extended Dugger family. Jack was always public spirited. He practically excluded no one from his inner circle.

He was a member of Brentwood Church of Christ in Nashville, and in times past had been a part of many church ministry outreach efforts traveling around to spread the Gospel of Christ.

Funeral services for Jack Dugger were conducted by David Thomley and David Claypool January 15, 2010 at 11:30 a.m. Visitation took place that Thursday from 2-8 p.m. and again 1 hour before the Friday service which took place at Woodlawn-Roesch-Patton Funeral Home, 660 Thompson Lane, Nashville, Tennessee. 

His remains were laid to rest in the Woodlawn Memorial Park, Nashville, Tennessee near the funeral home.