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JOHNSON, William R., d. 1 Sep 1830 (15-11-00.) "This stone erected by Alexander & Mary J. Johnson to the memory of their beloved son William R. Johnson. Who Died of Billious fever Sept 1st 1830 Aged 15 years 11 month. They have hope in his death."
This is a box tomb with the Eastern Star(?) symbol on the top. The above is an example of using chalk to bring out an inscription. Chalk can be ground up in powder form and spread lightly by hand without stressing the stone surface and it becomes harmless as long as the inscription has the normal amount of hardness. Since chalk is an inert calcium carbonate substance it actually neutralizes the harsh acids that abound in nature and does some good there, but for only a short time or until rain washes it away.
 Photo & info by Wayne Austin 15 Nov 2003.