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This is a a topographical map showing the Johnson-Amis Cemetery in Culleoka Tennessee. There is now a road spanning northwest (see next Aerial View) to aid the school traffic there. The new road cuts to the left of the cemetery thicket. Looking from Valley Creek road the Cemetery appears to be just another thicket of trees, but thanks to the efforts of a group of young restorers it has the real look of a cemetery now. Wayne Austin 16 Nov 20003. revised 10 Mar 2009

This is an aerial map showing the Johnson-Amis Cemetery in Culleoka Tennessee also shows the GPS coordinates of the cemetery as North 35.47783 X West -86.9888. The yellow cross is pointing to the cemetery.  The new road cuts to the left of the cemetery as seen here. By C Wayne Austin 16 Nov 20003 revised for new map 8 Nov 2017.

This photo was taken from Valley Creek Road and marks the spot where the cemetery can be found looking northwest or toward your right traveling toward Hwy 31. I challenge the teachers and leaders of the nearby school to take the kids on a visit to this cemetery and teach them of the beauty, the educational value and of the need to preserve the history & heritage of this old cemetery. Show them that cemeteries can fuel our educational curiosity about who we are and why we are on this on earth. Teach them that these old family cemeteries are not just clumps of rocks and bushes near the school to be ignored and destroyed at whim by the first disturbed child that happens upon the site.  The challenge was accepted by the Baseball team which did a super job restoring this cemetery March 2009 as depicted in other sections of this publication. Wayne Austin, Madison Alabama, first November 15, 2003 then revised to add map 8 Aug 2017