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Photos of the Memorials

Cemetery after restoration by members of the Culleoka Baseball team

Area photos (original, 2003) of the Cemetery

Mapping the Location of the Cemetery

Johnson-Amis Cemetery is located on the fringes of Culleoka across from the new baseball field. It is enclosed in a rock wall. Coming out of Culleoka and after passing the railroad tracks  turn right off of Valley Creek Road onto the new school road and look to your right for the Rock Wall & Cemetery. You will not see the rock wall unless is it winter time. The cemetery is in a sad condition now. Mr. Hawkins visited there in 1987 and reported several box tombs were in good shape. Today however there is only four surviving box tomb tops with the others having been smashed by vandals.
I tried to reassemble the broken parts to be able to photo the inscription but had limited success in doing that because there were so many small fragments and missing parts.  Mr. Fred Hawkins says he saw at least 2 unmarked graves when he listed the cemetery in the book Maury County Tennessee Cemeteries in 1987 and he mentions some notable early Maury County persons whose remains may be there without markers.  Wayne Austin  11/11/2003. Revised 10 Mar 2009.

Update 10 Mar 2009:

Dear Mr. Austin

My name is Lea Ann Scott. I am a long time resident of the Culleoka community. I am pleased to tell you that the cemetery has been cleaned up and looking wonderful. Let me say that the cemetery has been on my mind for the last four years or so. It all started when they put in the new ball fields across the road. I always wanted the boys baseball team to restore it for a community project. My son Jacob Scott, his friends Jon Morrow, and Hunter Morrow decided over a month ago to clean it up. Jacob and Jon are seniors at Culleoka High School and both needed community service hours for scholarship applications. They decided that they would clean up the cemetery. Let me just say that it started out a "project" but ended up being more than that. We got on-line to research the cemetery and found your name. My son was so excited and said mom you need to let him know that the cemetery is clean. These boys do not want any recognition for what they have done. I think it has showed and taught them to be proud of something!

I do have to tell you a story about one of the mornings they went to work on the cemetery. They decided to meet at 10:30 on a Sunday morning and by 10:51 they were calling to let us know that they had a four-wheeler accident. Boys will be boys! My son ended up with 33 stitches and Jon ended up with a broken collar bone. He had to have surgery two days later. That did not stop the boys though, they were determined to finish what they started. We are so thankful that they could!!

Thank you for your dedication to preserving our heritage. I think our boys will always remember what they accomplished. They have stories for their children now.

LeaAnn Scott

From:Wayne Austin
Date: Sun, 8 Mar 2009 22:19:01 -0400
Subject: Re: Johnson-Amis Cemetery, Culleoka, TN

Beautiful, Lea Ann.

I will eagerly await the photos of the restored cemetery. And post them I will. You may be sure I am willing to hold up their names in honor for their efforts. What they have just done is a win-win for all. This is a wonderful service to the community heritage of Culleoka. That little cemetery was totally overgrown and I dare say it was a tough project.

I also believe you could send their names to the Columbia Daily Herald. They have always been a News Paper that supports the community and they enjoy presenting stories of this nature.

Thanks again for your efforts to aid these young men in building strong character and for their work. I wish them well in their future lives

Wayne Austin