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THOMPSON, Lieutenant Thomas, 22 Nov 1841 - 22 Jun 1864. C.S.A. "LIEUTENANT THOMAS THOMPSON was killed in battle near Marietta, Ga., June 22, 1864. The angel of the  Lord encampeth round about them that fear him. P. XXXIV. VII." (Psalms 34, 7).
We provide you with this exchange between Wayne Austin and Dr. Julie Robertson Ashley which occurred on Oct 29, 2003: Dear Wayne, This is becoming quite a pleasant collaboration. Yes, I know of Lt. Thompson. I was the one who found his grave when we first searched the cemetery a couple of years ago. His grave was hidden under brush from trees and debris, and hard to read at first. But there he was, a local man who died near Atlanta. A fine young man, he gave his life for the state of Tennessee far away in Marietta and was returned back to the Brick Church Presbyterian/Jackson College Cemetery for burial. He served with my great-great-grandfather Tom Dunlap in the 3rd TN. He was in Company F, formerly Company E - Captain R. B. McCormick, 1st Lt. D. G. Stevenson, 2nd Lt. Thomas Thompson, Junior 2nd Lt. G. P. Straley, rank and file 77 men, with recruits. There is a Giles County TN history website with the information about the unit at:
Photo & info by Wayne Austin except where specified 11-03-2003.