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These are satellite and topographical maps of the Jackson College Cemetery and surrounding area from Micro Soft Terra Site. The second view is up closer. The last is a Topographical map to follow. To get there first visit the UT Agriculture Center near the Saturn Plant on Hwy 31 and sign a recreational release form. Then take Denning Rd from Hwy 31 and go to Brown Rd and turn right and go past the first house on the left and turn left into a field road immediately after that. From there go thru one gate and close it behind you because there are livestock inside the fence. Don't make sudden loud noises or do anything to disturb the livestock and stay on the road so you don't destroy the grazing land and drive slowly. Next continue to follow the ruts in the road and pass to the right of a large grain silo to another gate and get out and open it. Go on thru that gate and close it behind you also including the latch. The cemetery is straight ahead about 400 yards. Do not go there when it is raining as you will bog down. Hopefully there will be a public road there someday to make the trip easier so the public can go there at will.