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McKISSICK, John W., "Died Sept. 12, 1867 Aged about 50 yrs." The spelling is slightly different with an "a" where the last "i" is located, but the McKissick family was a very wealthy and prominent people being married to or starting some of the beautiful old plantation homes around Spring Hill. I am not at this point aware of how they are related to this John if at all. 
This is the mid section of a three part memorial that is toppled. We recovered the mid section from deep into the ground. Actually the mid section with the inscription should be mounted on the base which sits behind this. It is not clear how this piece got so deeply embedded into the ground unless it fell into the grave site composed of softer soil and sunk over the years. Photo & info by Wayne Austin 10-11-03. Hopefully a team of restorers will reset this memorial after the dying Cedar tree is cut that causes the base to lean. Not listed in MCTC nor TPTW.