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HOLLAND, Capt. B. H., born 8 Nov 1824, died 31 Oct 1862. (38 Reg. Tenn. Vols.) "_ _ _ _ was a Christain and devoted(?) soldier who fell gallantly defending his country near Murfreesboro Tenn. (Battle of Stones River)  Oct 31, 1862". (Home Guardl), This is an extract from the letter detailing the battle where Holland died. It is written by Brigadier-General, Comdg. First Brigade, Cheatham's Division,
He said the following about some of the officers including Capt Holland: "We have to mourn the loss of many gallant officers and brave men, who fell in the faithful discharge of their duty on the field of battle. Capt. L. N. Savage, acting lieutenant-colonel, and Captain [J. J] Womack, acting major of the Sixteenth Regiment, most efficient officers, were severely, if not mortally, wounded, and Captain [D. C.] Spurlock, of the same regiment, an excellent officer and most estimable gentleman, was killed. Capt. B. H. Holland, of the Thirty-eighth Regiment, was killed while gallantly bearing the colors of his regiment, and Acting Lieut. Col. R. A. Burford, of the Fifty-first, was wounded. These are but a part of those who were either killed or wounded, but I must refer for further details to the regimental reports, which I herewith transmit and beg to make a part of my own. The Eighth Regiment lost most heavily both in officers and men. In Company D, the gallant Captain [M. C.] Shook was killed, and the lists show that out of 12 commissioned and noncommissioned officers and 62 men who went into the fight only 1 corporal and 20 men escaped. Other companies suffered almost as heavily".  Photo & info by Wayne Austin 10-11-03. Civil War info was found by Dr. Julia Robertson Ashley of SC. If you wish to read the entire letter go to this URL: Civil War History-Stones River Battle