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BAILEY, Martha wife of Anderson. We were at first missing the memorial for Martha. The small footstone in the center has the initials M. B. which was a clue that Martha's stone was sunken into the ground here. It was the footstone of Martha Bailey, but we did not find a head stone until 11/22/03. The small base behind the footstone is the base of the daughter who was also Martha Bailey, 1839-1843.
Photo & info by Wayne Austin  10-11-03.

BAILEY, Martha, 1 Mar 1806 - 7 Mar 1888, wife of Anderson P., footstone M. B.. This stone was found 11-22-2003 for the first time. It had been buried for many years. It was found by Wayne Austin with the help of Joseph Dungy. It was buried three inches below the soil surface. The inscription can now be revealed. As you will see below it is quite historic. The nearby base was the only clue that there was an inscribed stone somewhere nearby. Inscription: "MARTHA wife of A. P. BAILEY, BORN IN ROCKINGHAM Co N. C., Mar. 1. 1806, MARRIED DEC 20, 1836, DIED MAR 7th 1888." Sorry I had no equipment to remove the soil stains. They will wash away with the rains. Photo of the restored stone was made on 11-28-2003 and replaced with a photo made 11/29/2005. Photo & info by Wayne Austin 11-28-2003. Not listed in MCTC.