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This map from Topozone shows the Gilbreath-Morrow Cemetery marked with a red check in the area of a past Phosphate Mining operation. East about 600 yards is the Murphy Cemetery.

This is the map where we show you some of the historical assets and the actual recently calculated GPS commonly known as the Latitude and Longitude which is: N 35.846 X W 87.13316.

This road map shows the cemetery on the west side of Preacher Holt Road between Highway 31 and Enterprise Rd. southeast of Columbia Tennessee about 8 miles as a crow flies. From Columbia take Hwy 245 or Campbellsville Pike and go roughly 8 miles and turn right at Southport (no longer exist) on Southport Road and go 1/2 mile to Mack Benderman Road on your left. Turn left and follow Mack Benderman Road for just under 2 miles and turn south (or left) on Preacher Holt Road. Go 2 tenths of a mile (400 yards) and turn left into the driveway (maybe a locked gate) of an old vacant mobile home lot. Go up the private road bank into what is now an empty lot and follow the driveway. When the driveway plays out look due east (straight ahead) and walk in that direction. Follow down the gentle slope across a marshy wet branch and back up the slope into the woods bearing toward the clearing. When you follow along into what was the clearing you will see the cemetery stones on your left back up under the trees. One or two of the trees are giant oaks. If it is grown up in high brush pass the branch and go into the narrow clearing about 100 yards and then bear left into the cemetery. It was cleaned by a boy scout project in 2004 but today likely has grown back up. The cemetery is about 3.5 football fields (350 yards) from the road and 50 yards into the woodsy area, but kinda in the edge of the deep woods with a narrow cleared area on the south side of the cemetery.

This Aerial view shows the Gilbreath-Morrow Cemetery roughly outlined in yellow under the forest. Since the cemetery is on the mobile home lot or at least directly behind it I am assuming the right of way to be from there. 

Map location of the cemetery showing the general access - right of way. Actually my arrow is a posted a bit too far south. The existing home on the block of property south of the empty mobile home lot is occupied and the gentleman is friendly, but his property is not really involved in visiting this cemetery even if he has a nice paved driveway. So don't bother him though he knows the location of this cemetery if you can keep from it.