Garrett Cemetery 


 Garrett Cemetery may be found from Campbellsville Pike by going southeast on Tol Dugger Road to Wiley Hollow Road & turning right. From there go about 3 tenths of a mile and when the road begins to bend look to your left about 200 yards over into the Grove of Trees. There are old farm & auto scrap iron piles all around on private land including a trailer for an eighteen wheeler in front of the grove of trees where the cemetery is located.  Cattle ranching is going on around the cemetery and no fence is there to protect the stones. Cattle are brushing up against the stones and causing them to fall. One by one the massive monuments are falling. Each time I go by there more of the memorials are fallen. I believe only two are standing now and one of those is very close to falling. After they are all on the ground the next thing that is going to happen overtime is the stones will sink below the ground because they are so much heavier than the soil. This may take 40 to 50 years depending on the soil type and then there is no more cemetery. Everyone then wonders what happened to the cemetery. Well the farmer was at fault. Right? Yes, but the people the most at fault are the kin and public who show no interest in their relatives and heritage in banding together to stop the degradation. The stones would have fallen anyway without attention to stabilize them. In fact, I am sure some of the stones fell without help from the cattle. 

Listing of the Memorials (12 photos)

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