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A view looking into the Garrett Cemetery from just on the northern edge. There aren't many of the memorials  still standing. The large gray monument in the center is of Mr. J. S. Garrett and the memorial of N. B. Hubbell & wife Mary J. just right and back of that next to a tree is dangerously unbalanced and ready to topple. We should fix it by (1) centering it or (2) to reduce the risk of breakage lye it on the ground before it falls. Don't ask me to explain the large trailer in the background but it is on private property.
While I was in this cemetery photographing the stones a friendly enough Black Angus Bull with a large propensity for curiosity decided he would invade my space. He came rambling up and stopped about 5 feet from me with the funniest look on his face. It was a look as though he just did know what to think about a human being there in the cemetery. I used my usual eloquence with animals to coach him to go about his business and eventually when I ignored him long enough he did amble off to greener pastures. When I was wrapping up and safely across the fence by the truck Mr. Bull decided he did not like things as they were and began to bellow and paw the ground. Being a student of fascination for animal behavior I wondered why he awaited that long to get mad and do what bellowing bulls do best, but I sure was glad he waited because those skinny looking trees don't look too inviting to climb.

A view looking west from inside the Garrett Cemetery at the tumbled memorials. 

Photos and information by Wayne Austin 4 Apr 2004.