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88-BAILEY, Ida A., 11 Oct 1851 - 22 Nov 1878. "Wife W. A."Bailey; dau. C. L. & A. E. Prewett.’
94-FITZPATRICK, Morgan, d. 11 Aug 1860, in 78th year. (b. cir 1782)
95-FITZPATRICK, Rebekah, 22 May 1786 - 1 Jan 1845. (58-04-21) ‘A wife of Morgan Fitzpatrick.’
90-FITZPATRICK, S. W., ‘Father’, 9 May 1812 - 2 Dec 1880. (Samuel W. Fitzpatrick.)
90-FITZPATRICK, M. D., ‘Mother’, 7 Nov 1814 - 29 Jan 1880.  (Mary Draper Love Fitzpatrick.)
93-FITZPATRICK, Williaim G., 22 Jul 1826 - 3 Sep 1846.
92-FITZPATRICK, John H., 15 Jun 1829 - 2 Jul 1847.
99-FITZPATRICK, John M., 29 Mar 1844 - 2 Dec 1872. ‘Brother.’(Stone tumbled and broken.)
91-FITZPATRICK, Mary Virginia, Dau. S.W. & M.D. Fitzpatrick’, (Stone tumbled and dates broken off.)

This cemetery is small but laid out in rows. The number to the left of the listing represents the sequence of the photograph which denotes the proximity of the graves except in cases where the photographer changed to the next row. The photographer started on the southwest corner of the cemetery. Most of the graves with markers were in the central part of the cemetery in row #2  & one fallen memorial in row #3.  Row #4 was not populated with memorial stones but contained unmarked graves and/or graves marked only with field stones or maybe unused plots. I make no distinction between unmarked graves and unused plots, because the scope of my analysis does not encompass that. The surrounding area near the rock fence was without marked stones and represented about half of the cemetery.  Except for the Ida Bailey memorial the first row was not populated with memorial stones but contained unmarked graves and 2 graves marked only with field stones or others areas of unused plots. So tracking down the rows actually began on the second row going south and really was largely concerned with that row.  An attempt to photograph the field stones was made early on by going around the outside and photographing those. I estimate the size of the cemetery to be about 50 feet east to west by 70 feet north to south.