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Evergreen Cemetery


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Evergreen Cemetery is located 1.5 miles south on Dodson Gap Road from Campbell Station Tennessee. This is on the west (right going south) side of the road. and is currently (24 May 2003) behind a racking horse track with a rock fence above it. The cemetery is in danger of loss of the stones due to wandering livestock and other natural threats. The owner/lessor of the land has been mowing the grass (thanks). Most of the monuments are broken and fallen due to becoming out of level and also trees falling on them. Many others are buried deep in the ground due to the hillside sliding down on the stones and burying them over time. These are in immediate danger of being lost underground. Fragile short lived trees spring up and grow massive in a few years and in a storm come smashing down on the stones. There at least needs to be a systematic elimination of such trees as Maple, Hackberry, Gum, Black Cherry and many others of a short fragile life favoring Oaks (white & Red) and Cedars. There were three stones found that were missed by previous researchers, Sherby Coffey being one of them and Ollie Cape being the another. Also the stone marked "Emer daughter _ _" in the Cavender/Cape/Coffee area was not listed by any previous researcher. It is buried too deep to read any other inscription and would take a shovel and hard work to expose the inscription.
This cemetery was surveyed by C. Wayne Austin 24 Mar 2003. Added here 2 Jun 2003.