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This map shows where all the roads are located that will take you to the Woody Cemetery, It is not placed on any Geographical Survey and thus is shown only on this map.  Also there is shown another cemetery southwest down Snow Creek Road from this cemetery also incorrectly labeled here as the Woody Cemetery. It is actually the Latta Cemetery. The Woody Cemetery is at approximate GPS Lat & Long of 35.72707 North & 87.13082 West. Numbers to the right of the decimal point are expressed in decimals of 1.00.

Directions today: From Santa Fe Pike (New Hwy 7) going northwest turn right onto Snow Creek Road and go 2 tenths of a mile and turn into the drive there and get permission at the home. Then continue around the left side of the barn and thru the gate and across the pasture 400 yards to the cemetery on the back side of the place. It is shown as a little square patch of green on this map where it has been fenced. There is not a road over the pasture land so vehicles are smashing over the owners cultivated grass. Not a good idea to visit this cemetery multiple times in a short span.
Map from MapQuest modified for this site by Wayne Austin. 23 Jun 2009.