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This window photo shows how some of the fieldstones are lined up in the graveyard. They are mostly in the upper eastern part of the cemetery which usually is the oldest part of the graveyard. 
I will tell a fictitious story here using made up names and places end events to illustrate how fieldstones get used instead of formal headstones. We will use the difficult times after the Civil War in the south or the year 1875.
The passing of little Liz"
"Today we lost our little precious 10 year old Liz to the croup. She fought hard but the awful sickness took over in the end. We layed her in Mr. James's best Cedar wooden casket he had hand made. We all made the final trip to our family burial ground and placed her into the soil in the grave dug by Mr. Dugan and some other church men earlier. She was so peaceful with all the dressing up her mother did for her. We will miss our little darling. Going to be quite an adjustment for sister Susie especially since they were so close.
I will find the best stone we can near the creek today. We can set it up at the head of her grave and put a smaller stone at her foot. As soon as the Tombstone salesman comes to town Johnny, Jim, mother & I will go into town and meet them and pick out a headstone for her. 
Five years later in 1880 came and hard times were still around. The money coming in from farming the cows, hogs and corn is just barely enough to feed our family of 12. The tombstone salesman came and went and no one felt they were able to meet them this year so it was put off until next year. Next year again came and went. Now the fading memories means it is getting easier to prolong that need. 
Year 2009 is here now and the little fieldstone is still there. Today it has fallen over. No longer is it clear that it is at the head of a grave. The movement of livestock and time has scattered the footstone. All have died out who had knowledge of Little Liz's grave location & name so Little Liz's grave location has long since become known only to God. Today descendents & gravestone researchers alike are taking photos of common rocks and pondering the unknown."
The above story is fiction and not true except to the extent that this scenario or a similar one repeated itself many times over in olden times. The names and places are not real in the above story.

Information & story (23 Jun 2009) & photos (8 Apr 2009) by Wayne Austin. Added here 23 Jun 2009.