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The two memorials are just to the left from the dark Long Leaf Pine Tree under the smaller bush. There is a good quality fence surrounding the cemetery.

This is the brushy look that greeted me when I peered across the fence into the cemetery the first time.

If you don't think this is a tough business think again. Inside that brush is the John Wisener memorial. It shows up here is a faint gray patch back into the growth. That is old fashioned Rose bushes, Honey Suckle Vines, Hedge Growth and Saw Briars. Those of you that garden know how fast Lopping shears work their magic. They were applied here too to get the photos.

This is a closer view. The stones are across the fence just to the left of the small bush in the left area of the photo inside the thicket.

The historic Derryberry restored Log Cabin sits across from the cemetery 200 yards away as a part of the Maury County Parks & Recreation.

The Derryberry Log Cabin signage. Here is a question to be researched. Did the Wiseners live in this cabin before or after the Derryberrys? It is just across the road from the Park and seems to be a part of it in some way. Maybe instead the cabin was just moved here and restored. I don't know?

Standing at the entrance gate to the Chickasaw Trace Park one is greeted by this sign. The cemetery is upon the ridge straight behind (our right side ) the sign in the clump of brush protruding from the tree line (on our right.) On our left extends back the park.
Photos and information by Wayne Austin. 24 Mar 2009.