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As one can see from the prevalence of brown lines there is a steep hill to be climbed to get to this cemetery. 

Go south on Mooresville Pike from Columbia to Buck Daniels Rd., turn east or left and go 3/4 mile to Frank Moore Rd. Turn right or south and go 3/4 mile. The cemetery is on the hillside at near the top on your right about 300 yards (3 football fields) out. Has been recently restored and is now visible at least in the winter time. Stop on road about 100 yards north of a the Cattle farm Road with Gate and look due west up the hill but do not try to get to the cemetery from there as you will be rewarded by hostility from the farmer for damaging his fence and sharp barbs from well maintained barb wire. Go into the farm operation road south of there about 200 yards and the cemetery is accessible from a gate that will allow one to Climb the hill going north. In other words the cemetery is due west of a point about 200 yards north of a Cattle Gate and farm road entrance. 

The GPS is shown here as 35.51138 X -87.0338

Winn Cemetery is at the point of the black arrow. Do not try to get there due west on the road as there is a well maintained barb wire fence that is not negotiable. Go in to the farm lane due south of there and along the fence and there is a gate that allows one to travel along the fence row and climb the hill going north to the top where the cemetery is located. 

Maps from MS Terra & MSN. Photo & Information by Wayne Austin, 26 Feb 2008.