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This photo spans the cemetery from left to right with the stones facing east and the rows of graves spanning north/south.

Zooming in a bit brings up the monuments closer so that we can identify them by color and shape. Location in the graveyard is important to determining family relationships. On our left is the original monuments to Williams progenitors Joshua & Sarah, while their offspring and allied families are interred up and down the rows also in proximity to one another. Husband & wives cluster together. Children are clustered either together or near their parents. Daughters that died young mostly due to the difficulties of childbirth are usually buried out by themselves for future growth of their families unless they were too young for a family. 

By looking northeast we see most all of the monuments in the Williams Cemetery. In our near bottom view is the broken monument of Joshua H. Williams. Just over from his monument is his wife's tall memorial Sarah Williams. Over in the far right center is the big monument of Sarah Margaret Williams Jones. One can identify the shape and color of these monuments and tell as you tour the individual stones where they are located in this cemetery to help figure out relationships. Far out on the end is the box tomb of Harriet C. Williams. The big gray monument in the top of the photo is for Joshua Lafayette, Sr. and the two tall monuments nearer to us are for Gen. Wm D. William & wife Sarah G.. 

Photos by Wayne Austin 4 Aug 2009. Added here 10 Feb 2010