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DOWELL, Maj. B. F., 3 Apr 1822 - 28 Sep 1884. Father. (C.S.A., James B.F Dowell, Biffle's 19th Ten Cav. Co. E., rank in Pvt. rank out Pvt., file # M231 roll 12;James B.F. Dowell, Maury Co., Tn., Widow's Pension #W3235 by Alice Deborah Dowell; Name, "Major' seemed to be common in family.)
DOWELL, Alpina M., (Wife B. F. Dowell. Stone missing., not found in 1987 nor 2009.)
DOWELL, Joshua Lafaiett, 28 Apr 1851 - 6 May 1858. "7 years & 9 days, son of Benjamin F. & Alpina M. Dowell" Two stones for same person.)
DOWELL, Elisabeth D., 20 Mar 1853 - 16 Oct 1862. "Daughter of B. F. & A. M." 
DOWELL, Maggie, 1857 - 1915. Sister. (Stone fallen.)
DOWELL, Mary Ruth, 24 Jun 1860 - 16 Jun 1861. "Daughter of B. F. & A. M. Dowell."
EASLEY, Lucretia Williams, 1842 - 1872.
GRAY, Lee Davidson, 19 Mar 1864 - 20 Feb 1865, Infant son of J. K and M. F. Gray.
JONES, Sarah Margaret, 23 Sep 1835 - 25 Jul 1856. "Dau. of Gen. Wm D. & Sarah G. Williams; wife of William J. Jones; member C. P. Church."
WILLIAMS, Joshua H., 14 Sep 1762 - 22 Sep 1831. (69 yrs.) (Son of Edmund & Lucretia Adams Williams; Pioneer, came to Snow Creek in 1806.)
WILLIAMS, Sarah [Davidson], 30 Jul 1773 - 8 Dec 1853. "Wife of Joshua Williams."
WILLIAMS, Gen. William D., 14 Mar 1803 - 6 Dec 1850, born in Buncombe Co., NC., (Son Joshua & Sarah Davidson Williams.)
WILLIAMS, Sarah G. [Easley], 29 Aug 1812 - 23 Oct 1884. "Wife Gen. W. D. Williams." 
Sarah J., 19 Jul 1812 - 27 Nov 1815. Age 3 yrs. "Daughter of Joshua H. & Sarah Williams."
WILLIAMS, Samuel H., (b. ca. 1807
- death date unknown). He was one children born in Maury Co.)
WILLIAMS, Harriet C., 4 Mar 1813 - 24 Apr 1843. 'Consort of S. H. Williams; dau. John & Jane Barnes.' (Box tomb.)
WILLIAMS, Joshua Lafayette, Sr., 13 Oct 1829 - 8 Jul 1905. (Son of Gen. W. D. & Sarah G. Easley Williams; Mason. C.S.A., Joshua L. Williams, 45 Reg. Tn. Inf. Co. G., rank in Pvt. rank out Pvt., Alternate name, J. L. Williams, film # M231 roll 47.)
WILLIAMS, Martha H. Peeler, 19 Apr 1850 - (no other date) (Daughter of D.W. & Emily Compton Peeler. Wife of J. L. Williams.)
WILLIAMS, Ronaldo B., 19 Nov 1832 - 22 Dec 1833 "Son of Samuel H. & Harriet C. Williams."
WILLIAMS, Jane V., 22 Nov 1835 - 20 Oct 1837. "Infant Daughter of S. H. & H. C. Williams."
WILLIAMS, Elizabeth J., 4 Jan 1845 - 12 Aug 1862. (broken & fallen stone.) "Dau. W. D. & Sarah G. Williams."
Unknown, IN memory of Joh..... (so)n of...o....G.....s ........... 6th." (very old style of memorial, made about 1825 - 1855 with fragments of the inscription remaining on the stone and lying around at the base of the memorial.)
Unknown footstone with broken headstone base broken off at the ground level. No inscription found. (Beside Major B. F. Dowell. Could this be for Alpina M. his wife with a lost or crumbled head monument.)
with broken headstone base broken off at the ground level. No inscription found.

On Clarence Woody's place (1987) on Santa Fe Pike, just east of Snow Creek. Cemetery 400 yards back on top of hill behind house. Mr. James Woody (2009) current land owner takes care of this cemetery by using weed killer periodically to keep the vegetation from encroaching into the graves. Some of the monuments are in need of restoration.  Mr. Woody is looking for someone who will help him do that. To be of assistance you should be trained in the art of repairing monuments with Epoxy Glue; using such glues as Sikadur 31. 

Published in the book "They Passed This Way" Page B-30, Also in "Maury County Tennessee Cemeteries", by Fred Lee Hawkins, Jr. Page 222; He visited the site 4 Feb 1987. Added here 9 Feb 2010 by Wayne Austin from photos dated 4 Aug 2009. Cemetery located with the help of Mr. Woody the land owner.