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WELLS, (Thomas) CEMETERY, (Port Royal Road, Spring Hill), MAURY COUNTY TENNESSEE

The GPS Coordinates for the Wells Cemetery shown above are incorrect. This is the coordinates for the Watkins (Benjamin) Cemetery.  That means the Wells Map is dislocated by the all the GPS companies. This map labeled Wells Cemetery comes to us from Topozone and is part of an effort by the large modern GPS mapping companies to place all the cemeteries in the country on locator maps. Each cemetery has a Longitude and Latitude also known as the GPS coordinates. This placement is in error because the spot on the map actually belongs to the Benjamin Watkins Cemetery. The Wells Cemetery lies on the area of this map, but due east 1/2 mile across both feeder branches to Rutherford Creek. It is not marked on this or any other maps I am aware of except for Fred Hawkins Map in the book Maury County Tennessee Cemeteries. Maury County historian Fred Hawkins in the book Maury County Cemeteries documented the Wells Cemetery, but omitted the Watkins Cemetery. Same for researchers before him. All researchers say the Wells Cemetery is behind the barn of descendent John Wells on the back side of his place. There are no modern maps showing a barn in this highly developed area. There are only houses and shopping malls.

The correct GPS coordinates for the Thomas Wells Cemetery are: Latitude - 35.7395N  Longitude - 86.8971W

The red check marks the spot where the Thomas Wells Cemetery can be found. To get there from Spring Hill go east on Saturn Parkway and exit north on Port Royal Road. Follow Port Royal Road north until it bends 90 degrees westward. Go a few hundred yards and turn south (left) into Somerset Springs Dr.. This is a road into a condominium complex. Follow that road for about 1/4 mile and look to your right upon a bank behind the houses on Queen's Place and Queens Court. The cemetery is nestled in a corner of a fence row inside a chain link fence. 

This aerial map above shows the cemetery nestled in a corner behind the houses on Queens Place. Better access is from Somerset Springs Drive. The actual road is extended further than on this map shows. I cannot say this will always be the best approach to this cemetery. If new houses are built all along that road then you will be faced with getting permission to cross someone's yard.

This closer aerial map shows the cemetery with a yellow pointer indicating a little fenced square area facing east/west which is the cemetery.
Maps from Topozone & Microsoft Virtual Earth Aerial views modified for this site 12 Feb 2009, by Wayne Austin. Revised 10 Jul 2009 to reflect the finding and transcribing of this cemetery.