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WELLS (Thomas) CEMETERY, (Port Royal Road, Spring Hill), MAURY COUNTY TENNESSEE

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WELLS, Thomas, 1 Mar 1782 - 4 Jun 1860. (78-3-4) (Pioneer in Spring Hill area.)
WELLS, Mary, 26 Nov 1804 - 28 Mar 1863. (58-4-2; wife of Thomas Wells)
WELLS, William J. (Jasper), 20 Feb 1824 - 19 Sep 1883. (son of Thomas & Mary Wells.
WELLS, Amanda J., 12 Oct 1833 - 10 Sep 1902. Mother (69-10-28.) (nee Amanda J. McCracken; wife of William Jasper Wells.)
WELLS, James P., 1838 - 1894. (Son Thomas & Mary Wells.)
WELLS, Sarah E., 1844 - 1913. (Wife of James P. Wells.)
WELLS, Jack, 4 Oct 1852 - 1 Mar 1873. (20-4-27.) (Son James & Sarah Wells.)
WELLS, Milton T., 12 Jan 1862 - 26 Apr 1932. 70, single.; son James & Sarah Wells.)
WELLS, Miss Molly E., 17 May 1867 - 15 Sep 1933, ( age 66, died Friday at Port Royal, daughter of James & Ellen Wells, buried in family cemetery; Maury Democrat on 21 Sep 1933.) 
WELLS, Miss Sophia C.
, 20 Aug 1873 - 6 Jun 1935. (Single; daughter of James & Sarah Wells.)
WELLS, Miss Jensie H., 20 Sep 1876 - 27 Apr 1940. (Daughter of James & Sarah Wells; born, Marshall Co.)
WELLS, Whit (Whithorne), 1879 - 1945. (Son of James & Sarah Wells; father of John who aided Mr. Fred Hawkins & Marise Lightfoot & J. C. Parrish in the listing of this cemetery.)
WELLS, Inie, 1879 - 1944. (She was: Inie Evelyn Harmon; wife of Whithorne Wells.)
WELLS, Miss Sallie E., 17 Sep 1882 - 13 Jul 1923. (Daughter of James & Sarah Wells.)

Revised here 13 Jul 2009 to include finding and transcribing of this cemetery. Considering all the construction bulldozing in that area and the large mounds of earth, rock and old road pavement piled around I am surprised this little cemetery survived. It did, thanks to responsible construction crews. It has a new surrounding chain link fence and I believe someone is caring for the grounds. I was able to find this cemetery by repeated efforts and analyzing maps that were not so specific, but nevertheless they helped. This listing based on a 24 Feb 2009 finding and visit by Wayne Austin. We did not ask permission because this cemetery was on public development grounds. I cannot say that it always will be. Access could get very difficult with closed off private property completely surrounding it in the future.

Listed in "Maury County Tennessee Cemeteries", page 74, 15 Jan 1987, by Fred Lee Hawkins, Also listed in "They Passed This Way", 3 Feb 1964, page C-13, by Evelyn Shackleford & Marise Lightfoot. Old timer Mr. John Wells aided both Fred (1987) and Marise & Evelyn (1964) in the information contained in their books and the location of this cemetery on his land. I did find a few minor mistakes in their reporting. For this site the listing was first compiled by Mary Bob McClain from "Maury County Tennessee Cemeteries" by Fred L. Hawkins. 6 Jan 2009. Information then was revised & added here by Wayne Austin 13 Jul 2009 based on a 24 Feb 2009 visiting and survey of this cemetery.