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WELLS (Thomas) CEMETERY, (Port Royal Road, Spring Hill), MAURY COUNTY TENNESSEE

The row in light color is the subject now. There are five stones there, three upright and two flat style memorials. The large stone on the right is actually the footstone for Jack Wells. Our first focus is on the 1st of the three round top stones nearest us.

The Sarah E. Wells memorial.

WELLS, Miss Molly E., 17 May 1867 - 15 Sep 1933, (age 66, died Friday at Port Royal, daughter of James & Ellen Wells, buried in family cemetery; As reported in the Maury Democrat on 21 Sep 1933; Also reported in: Columbia Daily Herald, 15 Sep 1933: Died 15 Sep 1933, born 17 May 1867 near Spring Hill; Also listed in the book They Passed This Way.)
Photo and info by Wayne Austin 24 Feb 2009. Added here 13 Jul 2009.