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WATKINS, (Benjamin) CEMETERY, (Ray Williams Dr., Spring Hill), MAURY COUNTY TENNESSEE

From Saturn Parkway exit north (or left going east) on Port Royal Road. Follow that about a mile or so north until it bends west (or left 90) and continue to follow that until it bends another 90 back north. Don't take the northward turn but go (or continue) straight west into Commonwealth Drive. Follow Commonwealth Dr. about two football field lengths or to the first left turn into Ray Williams Dr.  Follow Ray Williams Drive 3 tenths of a mile or about 600 yards and the cemetery should be on your right next to the road under a cluster of tall trees.  It is about 25 yards west from the center of the road to the center of the cemetery. You are in the center of an active house building project so if you come here in the future you might find yourself in a busy neighborhood with houses all around the cemetery. Hopefully the cemetery will get good neighbors who will watch after it instead of destroy it.

Locator Maps of the cemetery    Area photos

WATKINS, Benjamin, 15 Oct 1756 - 12 Aug 1839 Aged 82 Years 9 Mo, & 28 days "born in Delaware County Penn, Emigrated to Tenn in 1825."; (Tombstone fallen) 
WATKINS, Mary, 1 Apr 1770 - 29 Mar 1836. "Consort of Benjamin Watkins. born in Albemarl County Va., died in Williamson Cty. Tenn."
WATKINS, Robert, 28 Oct 1798 - 28 May 1856.
WATKINS, Sallie C.,
13 Jan 1804 - 26 Mar 1852 Aged 48 Years, 2 Months & 13 Days.
WILSON, Jane S., 7 Apr 1794 - 24 Aug 1853 Aged 59 Years, 3 Months & 17 Days.

In the same graveyard about 15 yards to the north of the above memorials:

, 18 Feb 1810 - 28 Mar 1836. Aged 26 years, 1 mo. & 10 days.
13 Oct 1832 - 6 Apr 1836. Aged 3 years 5 mo. & 24 days.

Commentary condition:
It is no wonder this little family cemetery was never found by previous county-wide researchers. Until in recent times it was about a mile from the nearest road back into the thickets. Miraculously the construction crew found it before setting the bull dozers in force. It was well marked on Topographical Maps, but was not named. I am adding the name Watkins Cemetery on it because the predominate & oldest surname found here is Watkins thus the: Watkins (Benjamin) Cemetery. If anyone can dispute this name let me hear from you. 
Incorrect Mapping
In recent times with the emergence of large GPS road mapping companies such as Delorme, Microsoft Streets & others one of these companies assigned the name Wells Cemetery onto this graveyard and mapped it as such. It is marked incorrectly Wells Cemetery on about all modern road maps that show small cemeteries. The true location of the Wells (Thomas) Cemetery is about 1/2 mile due east of this place, and south and west of the extended Port Royal Road. 
Never before published or found by any researcher to my knowledge. Not listed in "Maury County Tennessee Cemeteries", 1987, by Fred Lee Hawkins, Also not listed in "They Passed This Way", 1963, by Evelyn Shackleford & Marise Lightfoot. Transcribing and compiling & photos by Wayne Austin 23 Dec 2008, added here 9 Feb 2009.