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WATKINS, (Benjamin) CEMETERY, (Ray Williams Dr., Spring Hill), MAURY COUNTY TENNESSEE

This side view from the south shows both parts of the Robert Watkins memorial. The bottom stands leaning against the tree on our left while the top with the inscription shows leaning against the same tree on the left side of the viewer. The footstone is on the far right of the edge of the photo.

Black arrow points at our subject bottom of the stone. This part is still standing. Yellow arrow points to the broken off top with the inscription.

Here we have the fallen and broken memorial of Robert Watkins.

WATKINS, Robert, 28 Oct 1798 - 28 May 1856.
 Inscription: IN | memory | of | ROBERT WATKINS | Born Oct 28 | 1798 | Died May 28th | 1856.||
This stone was lying on the ground when I photographed it. I propped it against the nearest tree to the bottom of the stone (which is still standing) to keep it from sinking into the soil.
Photos and transcription by Wayne Austin 30 Dec 2008. Added here 10 Feb 2009.